Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage . . . They go from strength to strength, till each appears before God in Zion.
~Psalm 84:5

Saturday, July 17, 2004

What I Did Today...

Time to update you on the small, insignificant details of my life...
1.) Finished my last night shift!!!  ::and there was much rejoicing::
2.) Tasks at work this morning included: 
        a.) Cleaned the whole of the N/S kitchen. 
        b.) Chatted and prayed w/ co-workers. 
        c.)  Lots of laundry. 
        d.) Cooking dinner for tonight's late shift. 
        e.) Pulling stinky sheets off of stinky beds in stinky rooms.  Yuck! 
        f.)  Talking to Bryan, an 18 year-old whose been homeless for 2 yrs, abt submitting to God and trusting Him to reveal life's plans in His timing.
3.) Ooo...I did this last night, but I still want to write abt it: I was hanging out w/ 6 residents and they were asking all these tough questions abt God.  The Holy Spirit was definitely speaking through me b/c I was able to biblically answer all of their questions.  At one point someone asked how I can believe in something I've never seen.  I was able to explain that even though I haven't seen God I've experienced His grace, love, and power.  I briefly talked abt my family's testimony and how He continually provided for us, healed us, etc.  All eyes were on me and you could have heard pin drop in that room.  That never happens; someone's always yapping and trying to argue against what you just said.  It was way cool.
4.) Fiona was so kind as to give me a ride home from work.  I slept for abt 4 hrs.
5.) Watched Dawson's Creek.  Never watched it much back in the States, but it's quickly becoming a weekend ritual.
6.) Watched most of VH1's most famous music videos ever.  That brought back some memories!  Remembered most of the words from November Rain.  Hadn't seen that video since we were kids hanging out w/ our uncle at Grandma's and we would watch MTV even though we weren't supposed to.
7.) Emailed people.
8.) About to do some laundry and then head to bed early.
That was my day, what abt yours???

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