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~Psalm 84:5

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Tell me all your thoughts on..."

...the olympics!

I've watched more summer olympics this year than I have in my whole life. And I'm actually loving it!

I'm officially a Phelps phan!

And I'm in love with the mens gymnastics team, esp Jonathan Horton. I love the sportsmanship they showed and the fact that they graciously accepted scores well below what they earned in some events, and didn't complain when other countries (particularly China) scored higher than they should have (the same could be said for the womens' team as well). I loved how they rallied behind each other and how Horton constantly encouraged his teammates, took every opportunity to speak excitedly to the cameras, and thanked God for getting them on the medal stand. I loved how they didn't blame a teammate for making a mistake; they each knew they could of easily been the one in that position. Most of all, I loved how they joyously celebrated the fact that they won the bronze! Absolutely no disappointment for not medalling higher or for losing the lead they had early on!

Going back to Phelps: I love watching his mom and sisters as they watch him race. His mom is a nervous wreck every single time. And one sister in particular is balling her eyes out before he even finishes the race! And I don't get the feeling that he's arrogant about all his wins (a total of TEN career gold medals so far!!!); it's almost as though he's racing against himself, seeing how far he can push himself and not necessarily overly concerning himself with his other competitors. Granted, I'm positive he knows they're there! But his goal isn't to grind them to dust . . . or since he's a swimmer would that be "feed them to the fish?"

I love the Misty May-Treanor & Kerri Walsh volleyball duo. Specifically the deep friendship and obvious love and concern for each other.

I think it's funny that every time she pulls her goggles down around her eyes before a race begins, Katie Hoff has deep circle lines around her forehead where her goggles had just been. And then she always rubs along the bottom of the goggles as a nervous habit. At least, I think it's Hoff; they all look completely different once those swim caps come off!

The absolute best moment was the mens 400 freestyle relay. Especially after the French were talking crap about demolishing the Americans! This video is British, but even the American commentator was going on and on and ON about how every way he worked it out there was absolutely NO WAY the Americans could win, the French were just too good. Every American (and non-American) needs to see this, even those of you reading who aren't into the Olympics at all (Bird). Seriously. And I'm posting the 4 minute version, not the 8 minute version you could only see on the [be warned] extremely shady site here. I love how in the 8 min version the French guy with the big mouth stays in the water, stunned, for a solid 5 minutes! And oh, how the Americans celebrate! Quick, go watch before You Tube bans the video: TOO LATE! But I replaced it with the longer version:

Eight one-hundreths of a SECOND, people.



Tirzah said...

I've been totally hooked on the Olympics ever since I saw the 1984 games on TV when I was 8 years old. I'm always excited to watch any kind of sport that isn't football, basketball, or baseball. But what's extremely cool is that the athletes are representing their countries, they all come together for DAYS at a time to let us cheer them on, and it's like a giant MARATHON of sports to watch!! I usually cry whenever they play our national anthem... But I still don't know all the words yet to sing along!! (It's about time I learned.)

I don't have an athletic bone in my body, but there's something about the Olympics that's always cool. And I could talk for hours about how funny it is that they've stopped over-documentary-ing every single athlete. :o) (They used show an overly dramatic video about how their entire country was counting on them, and then they'd fall on their face!)

After these games are over, I'm looking forward to the 2010 Winter Olympics! :o)

Debbie said...

I'm the same way -- NOT athletic but I find myself ADDICTED to the olympics this year. Watching how hard they all train almost makes me feel like a lazy slob. Almost.

Ok, since I've posted this I've had TONS of hits from google searches for something like "katy hoff's forehead," "goggles on katy hoff's forhead," "hoff's weird forehead." Seriously dozens. How funny is that?

If you're reading this comment because of one of those searches then HI! Thanks for visiting! :o)

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