Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage . . . They go from strength to strength, till each appears before God in Zion.
~Psalm 84:5

Sunday, October 05, 2008


I should be asleep.  It's 2 a.m.  And I was sleepy 3 hours ago.  But then I came up to the sleepover room here at the Nightshelter and pulled out my computer.  Which is dangerous, considering I don't have wireless internet at the house I'm staying in.  I started reading blogs.  Then perusing Facebook.  And chatting with my Mom.  And now I can't seem to find sleep.  Or I'm not allowing myself to sleep.

Just to clear my head, here are Facebook statuses I would write if I obsessively updated Facebook statuses every other minute:

*Debbie can't believe her family got to swim back in Texas this weekend when she's suffering in temperatures below 40 degrees!  And it's not even winter yet, people!
*Debbie is sleepy, but too addicted to the internet to sleep!
*Debbie is loving church at King's Arms.
*Debbie misses her mom after instant messaging her.
*Debbie can't believe she's missing all new episodes of her shows AND that 24 is starting up again in November!
*Debbie hates that all the pirated episodes of her shows keep getting taken off the internet before she can watch!
*Debbie needs to stop going to the American shop in Milton Keynes and purchasing things for 3x their value!
*Debbie is excited about making the American brownies she paid two arms and two legs for.  (It was THAT expensive!)
*Debbie can't decide if she wants to work a split shift in the morning, which would involve her waking up and working from 8:30 to 9:30 and then coming back in the afternoon at 3:30 instead of 2:30.
*Debbie has less than a 5 min walk from home to the shelter, but has STILL managed to be late three times already!  Oi!
*Debbie needs $800 for a return plane ticket in March.
*Debbie needs to trust God to provide for all her needs.
*Debbie would like a new computer battery, but it's not a great need.
*Debbie can't believe she's STILL discovering neat Mac tricks nearly two years after buying her computer.
*Debbie figured out how to connect her Mac and new mobile over bluetooth and transfer pics and music.  Problem is now she needs a memory card for her phone so it can hold all the transfered files . . . 
*Debbie had a fun weekend hanging out with girls.
*Debbie thinks the honeymoon is over and will soon discover life without weekends off.
*Debbie has only experienced culture shock one time in the past two weeks, when she was reminded that it's so not a big deal for guys and girls to house share here.  That would NEVER happen in the States!  (At least not w/in Christian circles.)
*Debbie is surprised that she's not really homesick.
*Debbie bought canvases and paint brushes, but now has no money left to buy paint.  She doesn't even know what she would paint if she had it, though.  She just wants to paint.
*Debbie is surprised by how much she's changed in only 4 years.
*Debbie is surprised by how much she hasn't changed in 4 years.
*Debbie wishes she could play with her nephews and niece.
*Debbie hates that everything she's cooked so far hasn't tasted like it should.  The flavors in this country are not flavorful enough for her!
*Debbie is already running low on proper chili powder.  After only two weeks!
*Debbie has eaten a heck of a lot of potatoes since being here.
*Debbie wishes she could have found proper Italian sausage for her pasta dish tonight.
*Debbie is happy there's another American on staff at the Nightshelter.  It's nice hearing her accent.  Perhaps she's a bit more homesick than she thought . . . 
*Debbie needs to be use the potty but can't be bothered to get up, put on her shoes, and get the keys & mobile all so she can go one door over to the bathroom.
*Debbie met someone she can tag along with to work -- a teacher in a school outside of town who teaches the exact age group as Debbie!
*Debbie is sleepy.
*Debbie is going to bed.
*Debbie says, "Goodnight!"


Debs said...

I'm up to speed now ;)

Tirzah said...

Heh, heh. Thanks for sharing. :)

Yeah, if you need to go to sleep, I recommend NOT watching TV and/or going on your computer. (Maybe try listening to music and/or reading instead.) Studies have shown that the light from TVs/computers help keep you awake! That's been my problem these past several weeks -- I've been glued to the TV and my computer at home! I need to take my own advice... :">

To sleep... to sleep... perchance to dream...

dani said...

Email me and Let me know what kind of "American" stuff - food, etc. that you miss and I'll pack you up a care package and mail it to you.

Debbie said...

Thanks, Dani! I'll email you this weekend. Yay for packages from America!

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