Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage . . . They go from strength to strength, till each appears before God in Zion.
~Psalm 84:5

Friday, June 15, 2007

Reflections of the third decade, part III

As I get older, I find that I am more concerned with being myself than with trying to be cool. More concerned with spending my money on what counts than with splurging on the latest thing that everyone else is getting. More concerned with doing unto others than with striving to please others. More concerned with communicating well than with getting a word in edgewise. More concerned with being at peace than with being understood.

I spend more time developing friendships with faithful people than I spend chasing friendships than may never really develop. I value time spent with family more than I value time spent trying to impress some cute guy (who has already noticed somebody else, anyway).

I am more content with enjoying a sensible home-cooked meal (even though I am not really a good cook -- trust me on this) than with rushing to the drive-thru at some mouth-watering fast food place that will probably just make my cholesterol levels go up.

My cats are more adorable, more appreciated, and more precious to me with each passing day. (Even though technically in the feline world, they are senior citizens now (and they can get crotchety) and they regularly try to blanket my apartment with their hair.)

I spend more time trying to absorb the meaning in a good book and less time trying to read as many books as possible. I don't mind watching the same movies over and over again if each viewing is enjoyable. I don't mind listening to the same album repeatedly if each playback is still a masterpiece. I don't mind strumming the same tunes on my guitar if I get to genuinely express myself each time.

I am less concerned with what I am supposed to become and more concerned with who I am. Less freaked out about all the mistakes I've made in the past and more freaked out about how I could miss the whole point of today. Less in a hurry to arrive to the next season in life and more eager for time to slow down so that I can fully enjoy this era that God has given me.


Debbie said...

Wow, sure sounds like someone has matured. Good for you!

And you taught me a new word: crotchety

Is an expanded vocabulary also something you gain upon entrance into the third decade???

Tirzah said...

thanks, dude :D

i think 'crotchety' (which basically means 'cranky old person') is a word i learned back in the 80s somewhere on a sitcom or something.

pimpdaddy said...

wow, that's beautifully written. Do you mind if I copy and paste this blog and send it to a few friends, with giving all credits to you? This is a very inspiring piece. I wish I could say I am where you are at, but I'm not quite there.

Tirzah said...

hmm... thank you for asking. i'm glad this blessed you. :D but i would be more comfortable if you emailed them the link to this blog instead, or the link to my myspace page, (because it was posted there as well.) thanks again :D

God put me through a really serious wringer the past several years. (Don't be in a hurry to get squeezed through, too - trust me...) Just follow Him and He will take you to where you need to be, when you need to get there. :D

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