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~Psalm 84:5

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

No more Sesame Street?

When I read the Odessa paper this morning, it finally became clear to me that this town might actually close its PBS station, for real. If this were to happen, from what I understand, it would be the only town in the country to do so. (I'm told that if that were to happen, they would probably just pipe in the PBS station from Dallas like they did before.)

There is a nonprofit organization that may come to its rescue, so Barney may not die in Odessa after all. (OK, I'm NOT a Barney fan, honest. :"> It's the educational value of the otherwise quirky TV organization that would leave a serious blank if removed from the airwaves. I think it would in ANY town.)

Check out this article that explains a little bit about the situation. If you like, I can keep you posted.

I find it disturbing that Sesame Street could slip through our fingers, yet we seem to be doing all we can to secure a local Hooters...

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