Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage . . . They go from strength to strength, till each appears before God in Zion.
~Psalm 84:5

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gotta Make It Quick

It's 1 a.m., I'm freezing, & I drank a bit too much water earlier, so this will be quick.

I'm adjusting to England so far. Has it hit me I'm here? I guess. On the day I left I told my friend Elaine I felt disconnected. So I suppose I'm a bit more connected, so to speak.

I enjoyed church at King's Arms tonight. It's nice to be there again and I felt at home. I start working at the Nightshelter tomorrow evening. Please pray it all goes well and that I adjust and the guys adjust to having me there.

I've managed to avoid most political talk while I've been here. Only two convos, both very short. My political views are definitely the minority here in Europe, even within the church, so I just pray I'm not forced into any heated debates. That will more than likely take place at the Shelter if anywhere. The guys aren't quite as gracious as the Christians I meet/know.

I've tried calling home a couple of times, but Mom & Dad never answer the phone. So for their sakes, I'll say I'm fine and adjusting well. So Mom knows, I bought some vitamins my very first day and have been faithfully taking them -- a multivitamin, co Q-10, cod liver oil, and vitamin c. I'm taking them as much for my health as for the sake of my nails, which have grown quite brittle and easily split/chipped. Very sad. I keep them cut short, hoping that will help.

I had fun in Cambridge with Bekki & Debs. I can't post any pics because Jez & Justyna don't have wireless, so I can't use my computer. Perhaps I'll upload pics to their computer.

I spent the weekend hanging out with Justyna. We did some shopping in town yesterday. I'm trying to be frugal, so I spent very little -- I bought a £2.25 coin purse and £3 slippers. It sounds cheap, but it's over $10! I've nearly spent all the cash I bought with me since I had to purchase some necessities as well as grocery shop. But I'm good to go.

Justyna's promised to set me up with babysitting jobs, since she's forcing me to go to a New Kid's on the Block concert with her in January. I've promised to go as long as I can earn the money. She's rather motivated since she purchased the ticket already and has to wait for me to pay her back. Ha!

And it's my goal to learn how to drive a standard transmition while I'm here. I'm legal to drive since I have a U.S. driver's license. Jez said he'll teach me. I have a bit of experience, and I'm thankful that even though I'll be sitting on the right side of the car, the pedals are still in the same order. So I shouldn't get too confused. Hopefully.

Like I said, I start work tomorrow. I'm working late shifts (2:30-10:30) Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, and an early Wed (during which I'll be in a "conflict resolution" training). I have the weekend off, don't know about Monday, and start nights (10:30 pm - 9 am) next Tuesday. I'm not too concerned about nights. My body is used to being forced to stay awake at all hours. But let's see how I'm doing after two days in a row of it . . .

Ok, off to bed. I hope to wake up in time to go for a walk and then finish organizing my room before work. I'm having to be creative with that last one.

Let me know how you people are doing!


Tirzah said...

Dude, sometimes transitions take a while. Don't rush it unless you have to. I finally felt like a Dallas chick after I'd been here like a year or so.

Maybe I missed something, but why would British people care so much about the elections in the U.S.? I thought we declared independence over 232 years ago. :">

Have fun!

a. said...

you need to be creative with work or your room? which was the last? either way, work UP. take advantage of the "space" above your head. xoxx

Debbie said...

Tirzah - aparently the WORLD cares about our election and are saying Americans better make the right decision, or else . . .

A - I need to be creative with my room. Limited space to store my many clothes. I could've brought less, but I'd probably freeze! This evening was like a cool NOVEMBER evening in TX, and it's only SEPTEMBER!
But working UP is exactly what I need to do. Jez thinks he could make me some shelves at work. If not, I'll prob have to invest in some eventually. There's an Ikea not too far from here . . .

Tirzah said...

OK, but just remember you don't have to be ashamed of what you believe. I'm not exactly sure what the atmosphere is like in your new neck of the woods, but here in the media service industry that I work at in Dallas, I am a conservative swimming in a sea of leftists. I've just learned how to be in the minority and don't normally initiate political conversations unless absolutely necessary... and my coworkers and I usually avoid the subject altogether so as to keep the peace among everyone. :o) (And I've kinda grown some thick skin.)

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