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~Psalm 84:5

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again

No, I'm not dating, I'm back at the gym. And I'm a bit sore today.

I fully intended to type up this post last night but I had a migraine that would NOT go away. It finally did around 2 am, thankfully.

Anywho, yesterday I was a big girl and made my way across town to meet my trainer. He was very gracious and didn't work me as hard as I feared he would. Nevertheless, I was DYING at the end of it.

Normally I would go and he'd work me for well over an hour; closer to an hour and a half. I'd be exhausted at the end of it all but feel well. Yesterday, I was about ready to throw up and I couldn't believe I was having such a hard time. I didn't realize how much my strength and endurance had drop after many months of inactivity. So sad.

Here's what he had me do:
-Warm up on the bike; 12 min on level 5
-250 leg lifts (I did 300 cause I was waiting for him to come back from talking to someone else)
-200 jumping jacks (who knew that fun childhood exercise could be a form of torture 20 yrs later?)
-15 stairs (going up and down 15 times; this is the one that surprised me -- thought he would give me more, then happy he didn't cause that's around the time I was ready to puke)
-1 mile on the treadmill (this also surprised me; used to do 2 or 3. but again, I was ready to lose the contents of my stomach)

For John the Trainer, this is an easy workout. As I was finishing my mile he was calling people outside for a torture camp. I was so paranoid he would call me out there I kept my head down and kept walking/jogging. When I finished my mile (which took a good 14 minutes, sadly) I went over to him and said I was about to throw up. He said those three beautiful words, "You're finished, sweetie." He didn't have to tell me twice; I got the heck up outta there!

I'm supposed to go back in a couple hours. I'll let you know if I make it out of there alive again.


Brandi said...

wow...stick with it, girl! It will get easier!!

Debbie said...

yeah. sure.
i just about died today. i'm so sore, though. i should go soak in the spa . . .

Bird said...

What do you mean, "I'm supposed to go back in a couple of hours"? Does that dude have you doing two-a-days?

Debbie said...

no, one's enough!

the post is about my visit the day before. i went again (the next day) after i posted. i missed today, though, cause i had a migraine. i'm going tom after my professional development. so that should be fun. the past few days i've rested all day and then headed out, so i know i'll be exhausted by the end of the day!

Brandi said...

Okay, Debs, now give us an update.... ;-)

Debbie said...

well, as predicted, i was EXHAUSTED! but i still went. i was sore from the previous days so was moving rather slowly. john had left to go to the bank, so i got started w/o him. i "warmed up" on one of the bikes, but my legs were so sore i had to keep pausing and then the machine would reset. after it reset abt 5 times i gave up (i had already done abt 12 min, anyway). i could have warmed up on the spin bike, but those things are painful. anywho, i did 250 leg lifts (i may have even done 300) and 200 jumping jacks and then a mile on the bike (the same thing i did monday, but w/o the stairs). by then jon still hadn't showed up and i just decided to leave cause he would have made me do most of that over again (he thinks it doesn't count if he doesn't see it) and i was too tired for that! no gym today but i think i'm going tomorrow.

Bird said...

Zzzz ...

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