Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage . . . They go from strength to strength, till each appears before God in Zion.
~Psalm 84:5

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 2

Well, it's the end of my first full day in Bedford, my second day in England. I stayed up 'til 3:30 am reading and ended up sleeping 'til 1:30! But it's ok, cause Jez and Justyna are working night shifts at the Nightshelter; so I don't have to feel bad about sleeping while they're awake and waiting for me. Hopefully I'll go to bed a bit earlier tonight, but I dunno cause
I just bought the new Harry Potter book at Sainsbury's. My friend Greta ordered it for me from Amazon but it didn't arrive before I left. I saw so many people reading it on the airplane and realized I just couldn't wait two more weeks to read it! Besides, I would be starting back at work and staying up all hours of the night to read the book wouldn't help me get back on a normal sleep schedule. Anywho, I'm excited to read to British version of the book anyway.

When Justyna finally woke up, around 4:30, we made our way down the street to the fish and chips shop. Yum yum!

After we got home and I opened the package, I was a bit disgusted with all the grease (granted they did put vinegar, which doesn't help the appearace of grease, but makes it worse):

But I still ate some (but not all of it, you'd be happy to know):

Tomorrow morning I'm making juevos rancheros. Justyna thinks it's so strange to have salsa on eggs. So I need to educate the poor Polish woman. I'll let ya'll know what she thinks. So goodbye for now!


Bird said...

That fish looks freaking good!

Debbie said...

it was! after i had my fill, i thought i should have just eaten the fish cause the potatoes were good but more of a waste of space since they're not good for me. *sigh* oh well. for next time i've decided to get just fish and eat it w/ a salad at home. that'll be MUCH healthier!

Rebecca said...

That fish does look a little gross. Sounds like you are having a good time. Oh, I think eggs are spelled huevos in Spanish ;-).

Debbie said...

HAHA! they are! i thought it looked funny but i was pretty darn tired when i was typing up the post.

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