Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage . . . They go from strength to strength, till each appears before God in Zion.
~Psalm 84:5

Monday, November 12, 2007

stress sucks!

it gives you migraines.

makes you irritable.

and impatient.

causes you to sleep restlessly.

makes you want to eat everything in sight.

gives you a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.

turns you into a horrible person.

makes it hard to be a gracious, loving christian.

i'm fighting the urge to punch a couple people in the face. seriously. but i somehow think that's something Jesus wouldn't do.



Brandi said...

Why so stressed? I will be praying for you, Sweetie. Remember His yoke is EASY and His burden is LIGHT!

dani said...

Deb, I'm sorry you are having a bad day. Are all your kids whining, complaining and puking all over too? ;) I'll be praying for you. Only a few more days and you will be free for a while. Are you off all week or just Wed-Fri.?
Hang in there.

dani said...

Hope you are feeling better. Only two days to go. :)

I should have suggested that you have some Adagio Tea. I was checking out your link and it looks great. Do you have any of the teapots? I'm thinking about buying one for my sister. The blooming teas are really cool too. I've never seen that before.

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