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Friday, August 31, 2007

Open Letter to Houston Drivers

August 31, 2007

To my dear fellow Houston Drivers:

Where do I begin? We share a bond that shall tie us together for generations to come . . . Or at least until one of us moves out of the greater Houston area . . . but never mind that. I love you dearly, for loving the city I love and for giving your time and money to help H-town become a greater place. However, the full moon has passed. Why all the lunacy this morning?

Dude on the Honda bike, wearing the over-sized royal blue shirt with khaki shorts and long white socks peaking out of the Caterpillar boots (we shall discuss your obvious fashion ineptness later), what's with the no helmet thing? I understand you need to prove yourself as a man, but darting in front of cars trying to merge lanes on I-10 without the proper headgear is sheer stupidity. And it makes me nervous as I drive behind you. And I'm typically not a nervous driver. But I couldn't help but seeing you're life pass before my eyes. So please, for my sake, wear a helmet.

My Beltway 8 Grand Prix comrades, forgive me if it takes a minute for my little car to adjust from inching along I-10 to racing for his life down the Belt. Earl does the best he can. And since when has driving 75, almost 80, mph become a speed slow enough to merit you having to pass us? I didn't get the memo that the speeding limit changed, so my apologies.

And whoever was in that SUV that cut across three lanes of traffic to quickly get into the Westpark Tollway left exit lane, the car in front of me was gracious. Surely I would have laid on my horn. Next time, maybe think ahead, start moving over one lane at a time. That way, your fellow commuters, both young and old, won't have heart attacks on the way to work. Personally I think twenty-seven is too young for me to start having heart attacks, but you may disagree. Just a friendly suggestion.

So, my dear comrades, thank you for letting me voice my concerns. Enjoy your long weekend, drive safely, and I shall commute with you again on Tuesday.

Debbie & Earl(the little gray car)


dani said...

Hee, hee, hee..I'm with you.


Debbie said...

i named my car earl since he's gray. earl gray . . .

Rebecca said...

I hear ya, eddie!! I was cut off just the other day by someone who was flying down 59, in rush hour traffic, almost causing a wreck. Although living and driving in Houston means that I have become a Houston driver, I certainly hope I am not as bad as the others on the road :-)

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