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~Psalm 84:5

Friday, April 08, 2005

TV Moments, Pt. II

The Amazing Race
I was sad to see the brothers go. Especially after watching Wednesday night's recap of the first half of the show. I loved that part where they were being interviewed and they said, "We're just here to have some fun . . . We don't need to figure out our relationship. We're brothers. We're stuck!"
There's another clip online, I don't know if its the same interview or another, and they're talking about how much respect they've gained for each other and then they said, "We didn't go into this race to try to see how our relationship is or how it's going to be. You know, a lot of these couples do that. We decided no matter what the outcome of the race is, afterwards we're still gonna be brothers. I'm not gonna give you up; I'm not gonna change that." Too funny!
It was HILARIOUS when they decided to change into their swimsuits and winter hats before heading to the pitstop! I could only imagine what it would have been like if Phil changed his mind and let them continue the race in nothing put their swimsuits. But I figured they would be eliminated. They probably knew it too, because they were taking their sweet time getting all the tasks done. There should definitely be a TAR all-stars, and the brothers should definitely be on it!

What an intense episode! It was sad to see Boone die. It was also sad to see Jack franctically working to save him, refusing to let go despite the obvious. But once they showed Claire going into labor I knew they would have Boone die as the baby was being born.
The thing with this show is each episode raises more questions. Now that we know Jack was married, what happened to his wife? Is Boone really gone or will he return as one of the freaky mysteries of the island? Why didn't "they" try to take the baby while Claire, Kate, Charlie, and Jin were all alone in the middle of the jungle? Will we ever know what lies beneath that mysterious light in the hatch window?
It looks like it's going to be an intense season finale.

Just when you think Jack Bristow is a cold-hearted jerk for exploiting his own daughter, he goes and exposes himself to high levels of radiation to save her life and Marshall is the only one who figures it out. Go figure!

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