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~Psalm 84:5

Thursday, February 21, 2008


What an amazing little girl:

. . . the soft-spoken 7-year-old is a hero after she threw herself across her mother just as a gunman was about to shoot the woman in an SUV.

. . .

The mother and daughter were getting a ride from a friend when Parker's former boyfriend emerged from the shadows outside Parker's house and jumped into the vehicle. He then forced the friend to drive at gunpoint for several minutes.

Under the pretense of needing fuel, Parker's friend stopped at a Detroit gas station to call 911.

Inside the SUV, Parker pleaded with the gunman not to shoot. As he was about to open fire, Alexis cried, "Don't hurt my mother!" and jumped into her mother's arms from the back seat.

Although 7-year-old Alexis was shot 6 times and spent two months in the hospital, she saved her mother's life and is recovering.

The AP reporter explains that Alexis is learning disabled, therefore it can't be determined if she meant to put herself between the bullets or not. Nevertheless, she's a hero! And anyone who reads this story and knows of the love between a mother and her child knows that Alexis meant to shield her mother from whatever evil she sensed in that SUV. And the most practical way to do that was to throw her arms around her mama.

What an amazing little girl!

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