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~Psalm 84:5

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Carne Guisada

I told you it looked vastly different from the pic in this link! It was delish, though! A bit tough, so I'll have to simmer it a bit longer next time. I used fresh garlic instead of the powder -- about 5 or 6 cloves! And I used closer to a tablespoon of cumin instead of a teaspoon. And nearly a half a cup of [whole wheat] flour and 1 1/2 cups of water to make it more gravy-e (less water because as the meat cook a lot of broth accumulated in the pan). I cooked a family pack of stew meat, so I had closer to 2 3/4 pounds as opposed to only 2 pounds.

I served it up with refried beans (canned, of course!) and my special zucchini & squash side. Hmm...I'll have to post that recipe sometime. My brother, who hates squash with a passion, would eat it . . . if he HAD to eat squash, of course!

As I was eating I couldn't help but dream about homemade flour tortillas. Mmmm . . . I still haven't perfected that recipe yet . . . but I can't try until March, anyway. *sigh*

Ok, since I'm typing this post and watching the end of Lost, simultaneously, I just have to comment that I SO CALLED IT!!! I won't say what, in case someone's reading this who hasn't seen it yet, but halfway through the show I told my mom how it was strange how they kept just saying, "him," and not his name. So I said, "Ya know, it would be too obvious for him to be ______'s ____, so he must be ______'s ____." And I was right!


Anita said...

Thanks for not spoiling Lost. We will be watching the recording of it tonight. ;-) Is the story line getting any better?

Debbie said...

no prob, anita! i'm glad i caught myself before i did it. i almost wrote what happened!

this wasn't my fav of the this new episode. kate kinda annoys me. i think next week's will be A LOT better.

Brandi said...

So, how did ___ end up with ___?! And what happened to ____? ;-)

(Okay, if you get all of that, I will know we have a special sisterly connection!)

Debs said...

I've got no idea what you were on about when you were talking about Lost. But anyway, it just made me laugh how you 'made' that recipe, but actually you changed pretty much everything in the recipe! That's the sort of cooking I do too :-)

Brandi said...

Oh, Lost got me sidetracked..that looks good. Can't wait to try it! (hint, hint..)

Debbie said...

brandi, i TOTALLY get what you're asking! and i don't know! obviously, it wasn't good if ____ didn't even want to go see ____ at the end of the show.

debs, that's how i cook all the time! but i never feel comfortable calling it MY recipe since the original recipe is the base i use. does that make sense?

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