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~Psalm 84:5

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Playing with Plantains!

I never tried plantains until this time last year. It's a huge Latin American delicacy but it was never used in any of the Mexican dishes I grew up with. In fact, it's not even really a Mexican thing. Anywho, I was out to dinner one night and it was ordered for me. They were good, a bit greasy though.

At the luncheon I went to Tuesday they had some thin strips of fried plantains in the bread basket. I decided to try one since I'm sure plantains are ok for SB. It was yummy! I detected some cinnamon on it, so reminded me of a dessert instead of a side.

Anywho, out shopping Wednesday (which was FABULOUS because that meant I didn't have to food shop this weekend!) I decided to buy two plantains. I searched different recipes online but then decided to do my own thing in the end 'cause everything I came along looked extremely greasy and slimy.

I wanted to make them crispy like the ones I had Tuesday, so I used a potato peeler (my Venezuelan friend who was at the luncheon told me that's how they made them). It was slimy and slippery and I didn't feel like fiddling with it so after a few strips I gave up and then thinly sliced the rest of the plantain.

I heated some oil and just minutes later, viola! Fried plantains:

Now I know fried anything is not completely SB acceptable, but I figured it's a nice treat every once and a while. And salted, they taste exactly like potatoes! So dinner tonight will be burgers and plantains! Yay!


Debs said...

You see them a lot down Walthamstow market - there are a lot of Caribbean shops along there. I have tried them once I think, and they did seem good. I think they were probably fried somehow, but I don't really remember!

Debbie said...

that makes me so happy that they're available in your area!!! cause i know there's not a lot of ingredients available for some of the [ethnic] foods i make in bedford. so i guess if i need a fix i can go down to london! yay!!!

Debbie said...

now that i think of it, i remember a lot of latin ppl down in croydon. i was so used to walking around seeing ppl w/ my coloring speaking languages i didn't understand and then the day i'm in croydon i realized, "Hey! i understand what they just said!" i was quite happy!
i think they were mostly spanish and portuguese. and of course i wouldn't speak spanish to them b/c i would get the same looks i get from the asians and british when i open my mouth and out comes an american accent!

Anonymous said...

Plantains are yummy. I've never tried to make any though because they look too hard to peel. Thanks for the tip on how to peel them.

dani said...

Sorry that was me - dani.

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