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~Psalm 84:5

Monday, March 24, 2008

Blog apologies and consumer update

My apologies for taking so long to post another blog entry. I recently got the internet hooked up here at home after 6 months without it. (And high-speed internet is much easier to work with than dial-up, by the way.)

June will mark the 3rd year of my Wal-Mart boycott, which has now become a complete boycott (since I allowed my Sam's Club membership to expire and I doubt I'll ever download anymore music from I am happy to report that I still haven't gone broke or hungry and that, at this point, I plan to coninue the boycott indefinitely.

And yes, I do realize that most of America still shops there. I sat aghast from the other side of the street around the Christmas holidays at the line of vehicles who were no doubt waiting to turn into Wal-Mart in Irving. When I went to visit my parents in South Texas at Thanksgiving, my dad said that he went to their Wal-Mart around 5:30 AM that Friday to buy a laptop, but the brand he wanted was already sold out.

I think a lot of the crappy customer service might have something to do with the actual Wal-Mart you visit. The store in South Texas that I described above, according to my mom, has excellent, speedy customer service. My friend Holly suggested that I visit a Wal-Mart store near the North Dallas Tollway and said it was a nice one. And my friend Lydia told me about an insurance nightmare she went through when her vehicle had a run-in with a Wal-Mart shopping cart. But unfortunately, she couldn't leave a Comment as usual because a couple of spammers (on my blog at another website) took over my last Wal-Mart blog post there with a browser-hijacker thing or something. Frankly, I think that just goes to show how low in the population that Wal-Mart caters to.

But really, Wal-Mart, enough with the TV ads. People are gonna keep frequenting your stores. I, however -- along with an ever-growing number of folks -- will not.

Thanks again for reading. :)


Debbie said...

Hey Tirzah!
Good to "see" ya!!! And glad u finally got your internet back up. Love that you're now on Facebook, too!

Waco was good. Far too fast a trip and I can't believe I go back to work tomorrow and STILL haven't finished Report Cards. Oi!

Tirzah said...

oops about the report cards. cool, i go back to work tomorrow, too. :D good to see ya!

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