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~Psalm 84:5

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lemon Tree, Variegated

Here's not a great pic of our unidentified citrus tree:

A bee buzzed up just as I was trying to take a shot with my MacBook; you can barely see it on the flower to the far left. Therefore, I decided not to interfere with the pollination process and hurried back inside. Hence the poor picture.

Hmm...there was a lot of alliteration in that paragraph...but I digress...

I was baffled by all my internet searches in discovering the tree's identity. I knew it had to be a type of lemon or lime; I leaned more to the lime because the fruit we had last summer looked more like a lime. But the blossoms matched the lemon tree, like these you see:

But the leaves aren't dark green like all the lemon tree leaves I came across. They were light green with yellow edges. And it wasn't a diseased yellow, as far as my VERY untrained eyes can see. So I eventually decided to google "lemon tree" ('cause I'm sure it's lemon at this point) and "light green leaves." Finally a match!!!

It way more lush than the tree I have, but it's a match! The mystery is solved! Yay for me!!!

And if the pic didn't convince me, the description did:

Young leaves emerge with pink tints among the green. The pink matures to a rich cream. Flowers are numerous, extremely fragrant and are followed by striped fruits that are very flavorful.

It's the striped fruit that made me think lime because it was more green than yellow. Anywho, I can scratch one thing off my To Do List! Although, I still do need to plant my grapefruit seeds and work in the garden . . .


Debs said...

(you mean a proliferation of alliteration!)

Debs said...

so what is it? YOu put the picture, but not the name. I'm confused (but I am also sneaking on the computer while looking after S and R, so I may not be giving you post the full attention it deserves. sorry!)

Debbie said...


It's the title of the post: Lemon Tree, Variegated.

Yeah, when I reread my post I thought, "Maybe I should specify that..." but I didn't think anyone would be bothered to know anyway. So thanks for asking!

Brandi said...

The blossoms look exactly like the ones my lemon tree gets :-)

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